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Usine Sartigan Inc. is now certified to the C-TPAT American program.

Usine Sartigan Inc. just took an important step in being certified to the C-TPAT program (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism). Usine Sartigan Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of wood components mainly for the construction business, reinforces its ties within the supply chain.

The present customs security and conformity certification gives Usine Sartigan Inc. and an enviable position as a first choice partner for the manufacturing of SPF parts for the American market.  “As a supplier we absolutely have to meet the strictest industry standards and this in order to preserve our know-how and ensure our long term development.”  Said Mr. Steeve Roy, General Manager.

“I am extremely proud of all our personnel who participate daily in the advancement of our company.”  Said Mr. Roy

Certified C-TPAT, Usine Sartigan Inc. adopts therefore extremely rigorous security procedures from the receiving of raw material to the shipping of finished products.  The program demands that all the supply chain partners be conformed to the requirements.  Making it very important to deal with certified business partners.

The company is very proud of this certification and aims above all to a strategic partnership with its customers, offering them innovative solutions susceptible to increase their competitiveness, their profitability and their success.

March 27th, 2009