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Celebrating our 25th anniversary at Sartigan

In June of 1983, the former owners, Jean-Marc Roy and Michel Rodrigue, set out on the Sartigan adventure.

The founders had no idea in 1983 that the company they were founding would be a leading player on the North American market 25 years later.

Sartigan initially served local markets. Today, Sartigan is active across North American as a supplier of softwood lumber to both big-box distribution centers and industry.

Local manufacturer, global market
Throughout the company’s history, Sartigan has done all its manufacturing at its 4,500 m2 mill in Saint-Honoré-de-Shenley. “We’re proud to have been able to continue producing locally even while expanding our presence and building a reputation throughout North America,” explains Michel Rodrigue. The importance of quality production has long been recognized by Sartigan management.

Gathering the best
A good president knows the importance of assembling a talented team. Having people who understand the value of integrity, team spirit, mutual respect, open-mindedness, and dedication to a job well done is critical. Everybody here shares the same conviction—that the customer is priority number 1!